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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Heritage Q&A with Social Media Guru and Adventurist Peter Shankman

Today’s post is next in a series of Q&As with people with a passion for heritage- and culture-related travel. Peter Shankman is recognized around the globe for his radically new ways of thinking about social media, creativity and customer service. An entrepreneur, author, speaker and worldwide connector, Shankman is perhaps best known for founding Help a Reporter Out (HARO), which in less than a year has become the de facto standard for thousands of journalists looking for sources on deadline. The free service offers more than 100,000 subject-matter experts from all over the world who are looking to be quoted in the media. Shankman travels the world as a frequent keynote speaker and workshop presenter at international conferences and trade shows.

Shankman is also an avid Twitter user and has mastered the art of getting his point across in 140 characters or less.

1. Where have you found inspiration and/or life enrichment during your travels?
Anywhere that's somewhere I wasn't before — anything new is inspirational.

2. Tell us about your most recent trip. What heritage or cultural sites did you visit?
I was in Zion National Park the other week and driving back from Utah. Was gorgeous — made me realize how small we really are as people. Was quite humbling.

3. What is your most memorable heritage or cultural travel experience?
Seeing a bit of the Berlin Wall the last time I was in Germany was quite cool.

4. Where is one heritage or cultural destination you think everyone with your interest(s) should visit?
Any museum. Specifically a space museum or similar [type of museum].

5. What sorts of things do you like to learn during your travels?
About the people. People are the most interesting aspects of any trip.

6. What does heritage travel mean to you?

7. What are your favorite heritage- and culture-rich destinations?
I'm a born-and-raised New Yorker. We've got tons of history. :)

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