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Monday, April 27, 2009

One Week Left to Enter the Heritage Travel "Reviews" Contest

Time certainly flies, and the Heritage Travel “Reviews” contest May 1st deadline is right around the corner.

You still have time to submit your reviews of U.S. heritage- and culture-related sites and enter to win a guided New York City theater tour. Even if you have already submitted a review, submitting more than one increases your chance of winning.

Tour highlights include:
  • A private performance by current Broadway entertainers.
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of Harlem's legendary Apollo Theater (you can even perform on stage!)
  • Tickets to 2 Broadway shows of your choice.
  • Privileged access to the New Amsterdam Theater.
  • A special visit to The Players, the theater world's most prestigious private club.
  • A private meeting with the president of the National Arts Club.
Your reviews will be among the first featured on the new Web site when it launches in late spring.

Need some inspiration? Here are excerpts from a few recently submitted reviews selected at random:

"During a trip to Memphis, you have to make time for the National Civil Rights Museum. Going into it, I thought I knew a good bit about the Civil Rights Movement. But I learned so much more from my visit. It's also a very emotional experience. The museum's use of life-sized exhibits allows you to participate in the sit-ins, join in the bus seat next to Rosa Parks, and march side-by-side with others to make change…It's like stepping back in time. Absolutely something that everyone must experience!"

"Tucked away in downtown Saint Joseph, Missouri is the final home of the outlaw Jesse James. No matter what your personal opinion, you must agree that Jesse is a true celebrity -- both during his lifetime and now. And the best thing about the Jesse James house? You can still see the bullet hole! (Although after years of visitors taking souvenir splinters, you'd think Jesse was killed by a bazooka.)"

"Esteemed for its cheap cost and blue-collar image, Pabst is the perennial favorite of college kids and your average patriotic red-white-blue beer guzzlers. Behind the legendary product, however, is the unique life of a somewhat forgotten character known as Captain Frederick Pabst an enterprising immigrant, industrialist and philanthropist... Pabst Brewing Company closed its Milwaukee brewery in 1996, and now conducts operations out of corporate headquarters in suburban Chicago. The mansion exists today as one of Milwaukee’s great architectural landmarks, and towers as a prominent link to the Captain’s life and times, bridging three centuries in the process."

So, with one week left, don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance. Submit your review today!

Kari Rippetoe is the marketing manager at Heritage Travel, Inc., a subsidiary of the National Trust for Historic Preservation

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